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Esplandidos in Spanish means magnificent! This is exactly what that country seemed to us on our first trip to Spain. Then there were more, to other countries surrounding the Mediterranean, which only deepened love, among others to an unusual kitchen. Each of the trips brought new experiences, but also more friends. Today, they constitute our army of regional suppliers of original products. They, in turn, are the foundation of this place - we believe that the highest quality can be obtained only thanks to the original Mediterranean products.

The idea for a restaurant came with time - at the beginning it was supposed to be a blog, then a cookbook, in the end we found an unusual place, we hired a professional team and that's how the Esplendidos was created.

One thing has not changed - our love for Mediterranean countries and local cuisine!


Spanish Restaurant

Esplendidos combines two spaces. On the ground floor there is a luxuriously equipped room that can accommodate up to 50 people. Easy to arrange in any way, it is possible to prepare an exclusive event for management staff, an occasional meeting for employees as well as a party among your loved ones.

Gdynia Orłowo

Perfect Location

Esplendidos is located in the most picturesque place in Gdynia - the famous Orłowo district in Poland. The charming pier, a unique cliff and a beautiful beach can be reached in a quarter of an hour. A shared walk can be one of the unforgettable elements of the event.

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An unusual climate

Casual Patio

According to many, this is the most beautiful place in Orłowo. A space created for love of the kitchen, inspired by unusual furniture. The Riviera Maison company is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Valued for its unique design, meticulousness in the selection of materials and attention to detail. All patio furniture comes from this company and has been specially selected for this place. Thanks to this, they create a unique atmosphere - a combination of seaside, holiday spontaneity and casual, yet top-quality luxury.

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Przestrzeń klubowa

Level -1 is a separate club space. Equipped with a stage, multimedia devices, a bar - it can be a place for an exclusive event, meeting friends, celebrating together or even broadcasting sporting events.
This level of the restaurant is connected to the underground parking, which allows exceptional Guests to reach the restaurant and leave it unnoticed.

Idealne położenie

Najbardziej malownicze miejsce Gdyni – słynne w całej Polsce Orłowo

Miejsca do parkowania

W pobliżu znajdują się 3 parkingi

Przejście VIP

Możliwość przejścia przez podziemny parking bezpośrednio do restauracji

Przestrzeń klubowa

W pełni wyposażona scena w przestrzeni klubowej

Palarnia cygar

Wydzielona przestrzeń do wypalania wysokiej jakości cygar

Opieka sommeliera

Pomoc doboru wina do posiłku, okazji a także budżetu imprezy

Organizacja imprez

Możliwość organizacji imprezy firmowej, eventu, spotkań okolicznościowych, uroczystości rodzinnych itp.

Wynajem przestrzeni

Podziemny parking, a także dziedziniec przy panoramicznych oknach mogą być wykorzystane do celów marketingowych (np. ekspozycji produktów)

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